Letter From the IEA President


March feels different in different parts of the world; in the northern hemisphere spring is slowly arriving, after a very cold winter, especially in the US, and in the southern hemisphere we are saying goodbye to the summer.


And it's now a little over a month since the IEA board had the first in-person meeting of the year. It was held in San Francisco, at the same hotel where the annual conference will take place in July this year. The venue was wonderful, well located and there were many beautiful places to eat and shop in the surrounding area.


These meetings are always an opportunity to strengthen the team and coordinate the work we do as a board during the year. This is a working board and has different task groups, all of which share what they've been doing in the past few months and then focus on what's coming. We all participate in lively discussions that lead to decisions and action plans for each area.

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Carta del Presidente de la IEA

Marzo se siente distinto en las distintas partes del mundo; en el hemisferio norte está llegando la primavera lentamente, después de un invierno muy frio, especialmente en Estados Unidos, y en el hemisferio sur le decimos adiós al verano.


Y ya ha pasado un poco más de un mes desde que la junta directiva de la IEA tuvo su primera reunión en persona del año. Se llevó a cabo en San Francisco, en el mismo hotel donde se realizará la conferencia anual en Julio de este año. El lugar es maravilloso, bien ubicado y hay muchos lugares lindos para comer y comprar en los alrededores.

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Special Pre-Day Event with Richard Rohr & Jerry Wagner

Richard Rohr  and Jerry Wagner - two gentlemen who need no introduction - will kick start the IEA 2014 Conference with an incredible preconference day.


Part one:

Richard Rohr will speak of his experience of the important role that the Enneagram can play in our individual and collective spiritual development and movement toward increasing consciousness and non-duality.



Part two:

Jerry Wagner will bring his wit and wisdom to us and correlate the Enneagram and our psychological growth toward increasing consciousness and wholeness: individually and collectively.


Part three:  Richard and Jerry engage in conversation - and perhaps open to a Q&A.


Be there to experience this "once in a lifetime" opportunity.  Click Here to learn more about the IEA Conference.  Pre-Day Event July 24th / Conference July 25-27, 2014 - San Francisco, California.

IEA Announces Relaunch Nine Points Magazine


The IEA Board is very pleased to announce that we are now ready to relaunch Nine Points Magazine in a new format - www.ninepointsmagazine.org


The new magazine is a web-based platform offering a much better way for our community to exchange ideas and information. As it is web-based it will be more immediate and we'll be able to respond much more quickly to IEA members' needs. It will be much easier for our Affiliates and Chapters to get the message out to their members and also to those we want to join us in using the Enneagram.


We are developing a section for articles in Spanish to be posted, and we hope to extend this to other languages in the future.


We want this to become the "go-to" place for news and information about the Enneagram.


IEA Members will still have the opportunity to receive a compendium of articles every quarter.


Please take a look and explore the various sections such as news, articles, and profiles, and let us know what you think. There is also a growing section on the conference where you will find lots of information about this year's conference in Denver, including an opportunity for presenters to introduce themselves to you.


As has always been the case, Nine Points Magazine can only ever be what we the members want it to be, so please give us feedback about what you see and what you'd like to see in the future, and think about what you'd like to contribute in the form of articles or news or something that we haven't yet thought about.


Best wishes,


Peter McNab,


Master Facilitator Bart Wendell, Ph.D. Helps Business Professionals Discover What Great Leaders Know about Meetings

The International Enneagram Association (“IEA”) is pleased to announce the publication of its first book in the business area , the 2nd edition of “Hot Leaders, Cool Facilitators” by Bart Wendell, Ph.D. s.


Meetings are leadership laboratories, intense microcosms in which the leader’s style and substance are uniquely on public display. Once someone has convened a meeting, his leadership will never be the same again. This book is about how leaders can consciously use meetings to develop their executive skills from good to great.


Most of us spend many hours in meetings and these days it is even more important that they are spent efficiently. This book shows how to use the Enneagram to improve meeting effectiveness.
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Bestselling Enneagram Author Chooses IEA’s New Publishing Arm for her Latest Book

The International Enneagram Association (“IEA”) is pleased to announce the launch of its expansion into book publishing with “The Enneagram of Death” by bestselling author Elizabeth Wagele. The book contains helpful insights by the 9 types of people on grief, fear, and dying.


  Click Here to Order Now!

Cincinnati , OH – July 17, 2012 – In her latest work, Elizabeth Wagele, respected author of The Enneagram Made Easy and numerous other books, has drawn together many moving accounts from people of each Enneagram type on facing their own mortality or struggling with the loss of loved ones. While the topic is a sober one, readers will be moved by the grace, tenderness, and strength portrayed in each tale. While this book is appropriate for all readers, it specifically offers therapists, counselors, coaches, and workers in the hospice field an important resource for their clients.

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