Enneagram Journal Call for Submissions

Deadline is February 28, 2015

The Enneagram Journal is a peer-review journal, produced by the International Enneagram Association, that features the latest and best in Enneagram writing, theory, and research. It also contains interviews with Enneagram experts, book reviews, and space for dialogue and commentary on previously published articles.

Its purpose is twofold: 

  • to promote high-quality, original work in Enneagram theory, research, and applications and    
  • to provide a forum for constructive dialogue and discussion about Enneagram-related topics.

The Enneagram Journal is issued each July. The rest of this article outlines the author and submission guidelines and the review process. Articles for the 2015 issue must be submitted by February 28, 2015.

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IEA 2014 Conference Recordings

Conference Recordings Now Available!

The 2014 IEA Conference was a big success!  We are pleased to provide recordings of the sessions, made available by Conference Recording Services.

You may purchase individual sessions, or the whole conference in MP3 format for just $79.00!

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Letter From the IEA President


I came back from Portugal early this week, where I attended the 2014 European Enneagram conference. Before I discuss the conference, I have to share how much I enjoyed Lisbon; it's a gentle and vibrant city, which makes you want to stay there forever.

The conference was a big success, gathering people from 26 countries around the world. As it usually happens in these IEA regional conferences, the ambience was friendly and the spirit of the community flourished, most teachers attended other teachers' sessions in a spirit of open-minded learning, and everything worked smoothly due to the fantastic organization and work of the IEA Portugal team.  

Uranio Paes' endnote address was widely discussed and he raised some relevant comments about the challenges the community faces today. One might agree or not with his point if view, but my hope (as is Uranio's) is that these ideas will trigger fruitful discussions and will help us move forward as a community.

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Master Facilitator Bart Wendell, Ph.D. Helps Business Professionals Discover What Great Leaders Know about Meetings

The International Enneagram Association (“IEA”) is pleased to announce the publication of its first book in the business area , the 2nd edition of “Hot Leaders, Cool Facilitators” by Bart Wendell, Ph.D. s.


Meetings are leadership laboratories, intense microcosms in which the leader’s style and substance are uniquely on public display. Once someone has convened a meeting, his leadership will never be the same again. This book is about how leaders can consciously use meetings to develop their executive skills from good to great.


Most of us spend many hours in meetings and these days it is even more important that they are spent efficiently. This book shows how to use the Enneagram to improve meeting effectiveness.
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Carta del Presidente de la IEA

A comienzos de esta semana volví de Portugal, donde participé en la Conferencia Europea de Eneagrama de la IEA de este año. Antes de hablar sobre la conferencia misma, les tengo que compartir cuánto disfruté Lisboa; es una ciudad amable y vibrante, que hace que uno se quiera quedar ahí para siempre.

La conferencia fue un gran éxito, congregando personas de 26 países alrededor del mundo. Como suele suceder en estas conferencias regionales, el ambiente fue muy amigable y el espíritu de la comunidad floreció, muchos profesores participaron en las ponencias de otros con un espíritu de apertura al aprendizaje, y todo funcionó estupendamente debido al fantástico trabajo de organización del equipo de IEA Portugal.  

La ponencia de cierre de Uranio Paes ha sido muy discutida y él realizó comentarios relevantes sobre los desafíos que la comunidad enfrenta hoy. Uno puede estar de acuerdo o no con estas ideas, pero mi esperanza (y la de Uranio también) es que estas ideas gatillen conversaciones fructíferas y nos ayuden a avanzar como comunidad.

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Bestselling Enneagram Author Chooses IEA’s New Publishing Arm for her Latest Book

The International Enneagram Association (“IEA”) is pleased to announce the launch of its expansion into book publishing with “The Enneagram of Death” by bestselling author Elizabeth Wagele. The book contains helpful insights by the 9 types of people on grief, fear, and dying.


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Cincinnati , OH – July 17, 2012 – In her latest work, Elizabeth Wagele, respected author of The Enneagram Made Easy and numerous other books, has drawn together many moving accounts from people of each Enneagram type on facing their own mortality or struggling with the loss of loved ones. While the topic is a sober one, readers will be moved by the grace, tenderness, and strength portrayed in each tale. While this book is appropriate for all readers, it specifically offers therapists, counselors, coaches, and workers in the hospice field an important resource for their clients.

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