Letter From the IEA President

By Lynda Roberts http://www.internationalenneagram.org/artman2/uploads/1/Lynda_Roberts.png

February Greetings! 


2015 seems to be flying by already!  A little over a month ago, our IEA Board met in San Francisco for our bi-annual in-person meeting.  (We meet twice a year in person - January and July, at the hotel where the conference will be; all other months, we meet virtually.) It was a very productive two-and-a-half days. I am proud of the work that our Board continues to do for the benefit and growth of the IEA.


A "State of the IEA" report is posted in Nine Points.  http://www.ninepointsmagazine.org


Here are some highlights from our January 2015 meeting:

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