Three panels at the 2016 IEA Global Conference were recorded.

  • Three Realms, Four Perspectives: How the Dynamics of Instincts/Subtypes Deepen Our Understanding of Enneagram Type

    Facilitator: Belinda Gore

    Panelists: Beatrice Chestnut, Tom Condon, Russ Hudson, Mario Sikora

  • Spiritual Bypassing: Does the Enneagram Help or Hinder?

    Facilitator: CJ Fitzsimons

    Panelists: Susie Herrick, Juan Antonio Martinez, Terry Saracino

  • Speaking of Addiction and Recovery: Compelling Conversations with a Panel of Experts in the Enneagram, Addiction and Recovery

    Facilitator: Leslie Hershberger

    Panelists: Anne Geary, Michael Nayor, Renee Siegel

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