The IEA is led by a Global Board of Directors. Board members are selected from the membership at large and from The General Assembly of Affiliates. (The General Assembly of Affiliates meets once a year and is comprised of representatives from the IEA Affiliates.) IEA Global Board members serve up to two three-year terms. The Board meets monthly via teleconference with two in-person meetings, January and July, at the location of the IEA Global Conference. Contact the IEA Office if you are interested in serving on the IEA Board of Directors.

The group of IEA Founders created a rotating Board of Directors with a Board President. IEA Board Presidents have included: Maria Beesing, Peg Fischer, Patrick O’Leary, Theodorre Donson, Paul Bonham, Helen Peacock, George McCaul, Bonnie Fowke, Tom Flautt, Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Beatrice Chestnut, Uranio Paes, Deborah Ooten, Mario Sikora, Maria Jose Munita and Lynda Roberts.

Board of Directors

Curt Micka

Curt Micka, J.D., is a coach, mediator, Enneagram teacher, and facilitator. He owns and operates Conflict Transformation Services, LLC. He’s a graduate of the Deep Coaching Institute, and a certified teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition and an IEA Accredited Professional. He has 20+ years experience mediating conflicts of all sort, and he teaches workshops about how the Enneagram can help us navigate conflict more constructively, creatively and compassionately. As a coach, he specializes in helping people and workplace teams navigate conflict more productively, collaboratively, and compassionately.

Mette Hvied Lauesen

Mette is a communications advisor with the regional government in the Copenhagen area as well as a certified coach. She is fascinated by what motivates and inspires people and as such uses the Enneagram both in coaching and in her daily life. She has undergone training with both Danish and American teachers. Because of her enthusiasm for the Enneagram as an interpersonal tool, she has been an active part of the Danish Enneagram scene for a few years – including being President for the Danish IEA board.

Carla Smith

Carla Smith currently serves on the board of the Minnesota Chapter of the IEA and has chaired its Program Committee for the last several years.  Carla first discovered the Enneagram almost 20 years ago while working as a corporate lawyer, and has studied with the Enneagram Institute, the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition and other leading teachers, and received a Full Circle Enneagram Training Certification.  Since leaving the corporate world, Carla has applied her governance and policy background to service on the boards of mission-driven non-profits and a start-up natural foods cooperative.  In addition to the Enneagram, Carla devotes significant time and energy to her many passions, including her human and canine family (ask about her sled dogs and retrievers), organic gardening and maintaining her rural homestead, wilderness canoe travel, and supporting the performance of live acoustic music through her house concert series, Sun Dog Farm Concerts.

Brian Mitchell-Walker

Brian is a certified coach, Enneagram Teacher and Nine Domains Facilitator.  He started   Be Mindfully Well,  to work with individuals, couples, families and organizations in 2010.  Brian wishes he had the knowledge of the Enneagram when he taught for 12 years in inner city Toronto.  When he moved to Regina and shifted to working for the church in adult education, supporting congregations and leadership across the country, he was encouraged and supported to learn about the Enneagram.  So it seemed only natural to develop a business to continue to deepen this understanding, by sharing and working with others that want to meet the challenges of everyday living with an open heart.

Belinda Gore

Belinda Gore is a psychologist and personal development coach with extensive experience in leadership development.   She is a senior faculty member and a partner in The Deep Coaching Institute as well as being an IEA Accredited Professional.   For many years she served as president and is now director of training for The Cuyamungue Institute, a non-profit organization that explores ancient practices from indigenous cultures that expand the capacity of contemporary healers and agents for deep change.   Belinda is also a member of Sandra Maitri’s International Retreat Group and a practitioner of the Diamond Approach.

Leslie Hershberger

Leslie is an Enneagram facilitator, coach and consultant with a background in education, theology and Integral theory. She owns and operates Living Enneagram, LLC and is certified in the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition teacher and coach tracks and in the Enneagram in Business. She created two Integral international online courses (one focusing on Enneagram spirituality) with David Riordan and Ken Wilber. She brings team and leadership development to organizations by doing project based consulting which not only deepens employee engagement and transformation, but also supports people in sustaining intentional change. She’s a devoted 12 year practitioner/member of the intentional Bergamo Enneagram Learning Community which is dedicated to individual and interpersonal transformation through the simple practice of three centered presence.

Patrick Kayrooz

Patrick Kayrooz is an Entrepreneur and an accredited Enneagram teacher in the Narrative Tradition. He is a business development educator and motivator with a Masters in Education and a Degree in Theology. Patrick has established successful businesses and has worked in the areas of branding, policy review, development and training in the educational and corporate arenas for the past 25 years. He has established Enneagram HQ, which facilitates Team Building, Leadership and Self Awareness through workshops on the Enneagram and its application in everyday situations. Patrick is a passionate advocate of the Enneagram, endeavoring to ‘ walk the talk’ in his own personal development and spirituality. Sally, his pet Maltese Terrier, pictured here, is a constant companion at Enneagram HQ

Jan Shegda

Jan Shegda is a career coach, consultant, and founder of Clarity Coaching. She is Enneagram certified with Jerry Wagner and holds Masters degrees in both Clinical Psychology and Spiritual Formation. She is the founding president of the IEA Colorado Chapter. Jan specializes in using the Enneagram with the MBTI and StrengthsFinder for career development. Jan’s mission is to empower each individual to create a work life that aligns with their emotional and spiritual goals.

Tina Tornell

Tina is a Riso-Hudson certified Enneagram teacher and ICF coach with a previous career within banking. She founded the company Enneagram Center in 2008 and has ever since – together with her business partner – used the Enneagram in organizations for the purpose of enhancing self-awareness and communication. They have also created the first ever Enneagram certification program in Sweden. In 2015 they published their own Enneagram book – one of few in Swedish. She initiated the start of the Swedish Enneagram Association in 2011. Tina is a member of the Scandinavian Diamond Approach group. What motivates her in her work is helping people understand and accept themselves and each other.

Bart Wendell

Bart Wendell, Ph.D. is a business consultant and psychologist As a master facilitator and trusted adviser, his clients have included The International Monetary Fund, PBS, NPR, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Fidelity Investments, The Ford Foundation, The United States Air Force Academy, RockTenn (now WestRock), and the Harvard Business School Executive Leadership Program. Bart earned his B.A. from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut and Ph.D. in Psychology and Organizational Development from Duke University. He has a career-long commitment to public education as a past school board member and decades-long consultant to area public secondary schools. He is a Senior Member at The Enneagram In Business and principal behind Be A Winning Boss: A Virtual Leadership Retreat for Leaders On the Way Up.

Bart currently serves as Town Moderator in Petersham, MA and is a member of the Board of Massachusetts Moderator Association. He is a past Vice President of the International Enneagram Association. He lives with his wife Sandra, a photographer and many animals. They have two adult children.

Earl J. Wagner

Earl J. Wagner, Ph.D. is a software engineer at Google. He has long been fascinated by the variety of perspectives that we as different individuals hold. This led him to discover the Enneagram nearly ten years ago, and to appreciate how it illuminates our personal motivations. He has trained with Russ Hudson and the teachers of the Enneagram Institute, and Katherine Chernick and David Fauvre, and attended the workshops of various other teachers. He is also involved in the US Nonviolent Communication (NVC) community having trained, and assisted in trainings, on both the East Coast and West Coast.