With IEA membership, you join a vibrant and growing international community of people enthusiastic about learning and using the Enneagram in their professional and personal lives.  Membership in the IEA sends a signal to the world that you are part of an international community of Enneagram practitioners and enthusiasts committed to excellence in their personal and professional practices.  It shows that you find value in fellowship with people who share your commitment to the development of wisdom, understanding, and compassion for self and others.  It also indicates that you are committed to helping to bring about the IEA’s vision of a world where the Enneagram is widely understood and constructively used.

Becoming part of this community allows you to:

  • Stay current with the latest, cutting-edge ideas about and applications of the Enneagram in the fields of psychology, spirituality, academia, and business
  • Meet and network with other Enneagram enthusiasts and professionals from around the globe, building relationships with like-minded people who seek to understand themselves and others at a deep and meaningful level.
  • Enjoy a discounted registration to the annual IEA Global Conference
  • Enjoy discounts on selected Enneagram resources and training programs
  • Submit articles for publication in IEA’s NinePoints, the online magazine of the IEA – www.ninepoints.org
  • Access the “Members Only” section of the IEA website
  • Manage your own personal profile on the IEA website
Professional membership is a sign of your sincere commitment to contributing to the mission of the IEA and your dedication to professionalism in your own field. Professional members receive the following benefits:


  • Free listing of your training events on the IEA website
  • Free listing on the IEA website “Find-a-Professional” (e.g. Find-a-Teacher, Find-a-Therapist, Find-a-Coach, Find-a Business Consultant, Find-a Health Care Professional, Find-an-IEA Professional Member)
  • Eligibility to purchase a Professional Member Spotlight Email Campaign to the IEA Distribution list to promote your events and services.
  • Eligibility for IEA Accreditation, a visible and public symbol of your commitment to upholding ethical and professional standards of teaching and using the Enneagram.
  • Upon request, IEA Accredited Professionals can be included in a listing as an IEA Speakers Bureau presenter. This means that you can offer to present a complimentary Enneagram-related workshop for IEA Affiliates and Chapters with the Affiliate or Chapter paying your travel and other expenses.


  • Eligibility to present at the IEA International Conference, Regional Conferences, and other events
  • Free admission to the Professional Members, Presenters and Founders reception at IEA Global Conferences — a chance to build relationships with other professionals who are using the Enneagram


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Participating membership is a way to explore the international Enneagram community, and provides the following benefits:

  • Discounted registration to the annual IEA Global Conference
  • Discounts on selected Enneagram resources and training programs
  • Access to the “Members Only” section of the IEA website
  • The opportunity to submit articles for publication in IEA’s NinePoints, the online magazine of the IEA – www.ninepoints.org


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The Platinum Lifetime Membership is a great way to show your support while receiving all of the benefits of Professional membership.

If you choose this membership level, you will never have to renew your membership again. In addition, you will receive special recognition at the IEA conferences and in IEA publications, and invitations to IEA conference events not open to the general membership.

With this level of commitment, you will contribute to the mission of the IEA and its members by providing opportunities for:

  • Engagement with an international community of shared interests and diverse approaches
  • Education in theory and application of the Enneagram
  • Developing greater excellence in the use of the Enneagram


Show your support today and start receiving the benefits immediately, and become a lifetime member now!

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