Determine Your Enneagram Type


There are a number of different ways of ways to identify your Enneagram type. Most people prefer to use a combination of the methods listed below because an accurate identification of type is fundamental to being able to use the Enneagram in its wide variety of applications.

Self-Reflection and Self-Assessment
Because you know yourself best and also know what motivates you and drives your actions, your own self-assessment will be the most accurate indicator of your Enneagram type. To get started
the Enneagram system and types can be further explored for detailed descriptions of the nine Enneagram types.

We also suggest that you read Enneagram books, take an Enneagram test, and/or work with an Enneagram professional. These ways of learning about your Enneagram type are described below.

Note: Some of the Enneagram types you will learn about may exhibit similar behavior. However, they do so for very different reasons. That is why it is important to give yourself time for reflection and identify your underlying motivations when you are trying to determine your Enneagram type. This is also a reason to be cautious about trying to type other people.

Read Enneagram Books

It is extremely helpful to read several different Enneagram books in order to understand the Enneagram types in more detail. Books can give you more information for self-reflection, and several of them include checklists or activities to help you identify your type. For Enneagram book information see
Enneagram books by IEA Professional Members.

Work with an Enneagram Professional
Enneagram professionals are available around the world to help people learn the Enneagram system and assist people in identifying their type. At times, it can be difficult to be objective about ourselves, and we all have blind spots. In this situation, an Enneagram professional can provide useful information and feedback.
Learn more about IEA Professional Members who can provide assistance.

Enneagram Tests

Several Enneagram typing tests are currently available, and these can be useful in providing you with additional information about your Enneagram type. These tests have differing degrees of validity and reliability. No personality assessment instrument can ever have 100% validity and reliability — and Enneagram instruments are no exception. Be aware that any test can give false results. For this reason, Enneagram tests should always be combined with self-assessment based on reading Enneagram books, taking an Enneagram course with an experienced Enneagram teacher, and/or working with an experienced Enneagram teacher, coach, therapist or consultant.

The following Enneagram instruments all have reliability and validity studies associated with them. 

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