Get ready for an enlightening experience with Tom Condon and Jerry Wagner at the IEA Global Enneagram Workshop on April 27th. They’ll guide you through their fascinating models and methods of change using the Enneagram.

Both Jerry Wagner and Tom Condon have been teaching and working with the Enneagram for many decades. Both have developed distinct ways of effectively working with Enneagram-related dilemmas and offer psychological approaches that complement and support spiritual practices.

Tom, skilled in Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Gestalt Therapy, and working with imagery, will share how applying these good techniques can resolve Enneagram-related issues, and unlock your strengths and talents.

Jerry will provide a modern psychological perspective on traditional Enneagram concepts, offering tools like Enneagram Assisted Therapy(EAT). EAT uses cognitive-emotional-behavioral model placing traditional Enneagram concepts into a modern psychological framework.

This workshop aims to help you gain:

-More awareness and freedom of choice in how you react to the world through your Enneagram style.
-Understand how to go past automatic fixated reactions
-Lessen the intensity of your personality defenses
-Clean up relationship conflicts
-Get in touch spiritually with what is beyond your personal self or to just make daily life better.

With Q&A sessions and experiential exercises, this workshop promises a personalized experience for anyone interested in effective models of change.

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Saturday, April 27th – 11am-4pm EDT (See below for more time zones)
8am-1pmPDT / 9am-2pmCST / 10am-3pmCDT / 9am-2pmMDT / 6pm-11pmEEST / 5pm-10pmCEST

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