The Dynamic Enneagram
Certification Training with Tom Condon

Amsterdam May 28 – June 1, 2018
Cincinnati July 23 – 27, 2018

Join Tom for a 5-day certification training and apply the diagnostic power of the Enneagram to transform yourself and others.

Come experience an in-depth perspective on the Enneagram as a dynamic active system. The goal of this training is to produce lasting, positive change in your clients and yourself. The focus will be on building skills, giving you specific insights, tools and practices to use effectively in your personal and professional life.

The training will establish the Enneagram as a solid guide to meaningful change and personal evolution by merging it with other powerful disciplines. If you already have Enneagram, NLP or Ericksonian training, these five days will deepen your understanding of all three subjects.

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Certification from The Society of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
An IEA Accredited Training Program
Counts as 30 points towards IEA Professional Accreditation

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The Enneagram: Horizontal and Vertical Methods of Change with Russ Hudson and Tom Condon
Chicago, April 7-8
For details contact Jerome Wagner.
Tel: 1(847) 869-2456
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The Enneagram: Five Elements of Change
Aarau, Switzerland, April 13-15
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The High Side Enneagram
Barcelona, April 20-22
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Spanish Enneagram Conference
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European Enneagram Conference
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IEA Global Enneagram Conference
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Therapeutic Metaphor: Storytelling to Create Change
Tokyo, November 17-18

The Dynamic Enneagram: Five Elements of Change
Near Stockholm, Sweden, September 21-23

Ericksonian Hypnosis
Tokyo, November 22-25

Coaching with Tom Condon

Have specific issues you want to work on?
Limits you are ready to outgrow?
New to the Enneagram?
Know your Enneagram style but need help getting to the next level?
If you are new to the Enneagram, coaching sessions with Tom will help you identify your Enneagram style and learn about your built-in talents and resources as well as pinpoint your style’s typical challenges.

If you already know your Enneagram style and want to explore it further the sessions will concentrate on revealing the Enneagram’s many layers, how your style best grows and changes, and methods to maximize your strengths and temper your weaknesses.

If you have worked with the Enneagram for a while you may have identified specific current problem areas and goals that need particular attention.

Ericksonian Trances and Enneagram Products

We have 28 Enneagram videos plus 9 edited workshops combining the Enneagram with NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis. We also have an acclaimed line of Ericksonian hypnosis trance audios. Our products are available in physical form – CDs, books and DVDs – as well as inexpensive downloads.

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