Enneagram Explorations


There are several podcasts with great interviews of renowned teachers.  New voices are actively joining the podcast arena and growing followers daily.

The best way to find and connect with Enneagram-related podcasts is by downloading iTunes. Search the podcast section using ‘enneagram’ as your search term.

YouTube Videos

If you do a search for ‘enneagram’ at YouTube you’ll find there are 40,000+ videos. They range from classic presentations uploaded many years ago to young people ‘vlogging’ about their new discovery – the Enneagram!

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Watch an Explorer’s Video about the Enneagram »
This 6-minute video has been viewed over 110,000 times and is from the viewpoint of a young person recently introduced to the Enneagram.


Our IEA Facebook Community is expanding.  If you’re not already part of our Group, you are welcome to join! Leslie Hershberger is doing an amazing job of sharing conversations and keeping current on member activities and events.

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Our IEA LinkedIn Community is also growing. If you are reaching out on LinkedIn to share published posts about the Enneagram, we invite you to be part of our LinkedIn Group so you can share your posts with the Community – we welcome your voice!

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