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Find An Accredited Enneagram School

Accredited Enneagram Schools are professional training institutions which offer basic and advanced Enneagram training by IEA Accredited Professionals.  Accredited Enneagram Schools have been reviewed and approved by the IEA Accreditation Committee based on the IEA Accreditation Program criteria for Enneagram Schools.  Schools are distinguished from training programs in that they offer multiple and follow-on trainings and workshops that are linked together in a more long term curriculum and provide certification.  Enneagram School Accreditation indicates that the Enneagram curriculum is designed and delivered with advanced knowledge and experience with the Enneagram, by IEA Accredited Professionals, while adhering to the ethical standards of the IEA. Students who participate in programs offered by Accredited Enneagram Schools can earn points toward their own IEA Professional Accreditation.