IEA Board Letter September 2018 – IEA Creating Spaces to Learn & Connect

As some of you may know, the IEA is all about helping create spaces for people to learn and connect.

And one way we can do this is to help people connect with others who want to use the Ennegram in new and innovative ways. This includes helping people who want to take their work with the Enneagram out into the world but are uncertain of how to begin or who have met initial resistance when trying to do so.

For example, the IEA has received the following requests from people:

  • “I want to introduce the Enneagram into schools. Do you know of anyone else who is working with the Enneagram in schools?”
  • “I know that a lot of spiritual directors in the ___ area know the Enneagram, but there is no way for us to connect and share. Could the IEA help?”
  • “I’m excited about exploring how neuroscience relates to the Enneagram. Do you know of others who are working with this?”
  • “I’m meeting with a lot of resistance from therapists about the Enneagram. Do you know of therapists who have been successful in introducing the Enneagram to fellow therapists?”

I imagine that many of you have similar questions and would like to connect with others who are using the Enneagram or exploring new ways that it might be used.

The IEA would like to help its members with this quest!

The first step is to let us know the issues/topics around which you would like to connect with others. Once we know, we can begin to explore ways that we can help you facilitate connections. I’m not offering grand promises, but we would like to begin exploring possibilities.

Let us know the type of connections you’d like to make and we’ll see what might be possible.

BUT this is something we are only offering IEA members. If you would like our assistance but are not yet an IEA member, here’s how you can join.

And as always, let us know if you have other thoughts or ideas for the IEA to consider.


Curt Micka
IEA Board President