The IEA’s mission is about “creating spaces for people to learn and connect.”
In 2020, we are providing more opportunities for people to learn and connect than ever before!
We are delighted to announce regional conferences hosted by our IEA Affiliates and Chapters.
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IEA Regional Conference: Aportes del Eneagrama al mundo de hoy (Enneagram Contributions to Today’s World)

Hosted by IEA Colombia

Location:  Virtual Conference (Online)

10-12 October 2020

Invitamos a toda nuestra comunidad de profesionales, usuarios y personas en formación en el eneagrama a participar de nuestro primer congreso, modalidad virtual, el cuál se llevará a cabo los días 10, 11 y 12 de octubre de 2020. La unión es el punto de partida: queremos reconocer a cada enfoque, escuela y cada aplicación que usa nuestro sistema del Eneagrama, los cuales contribuyen al mejoramiento de la calidad de vida de las personas. En este congreso conoceremos diferentes perspectivas, unidas en jornadas de mucho aprendizaje y reflexiones que nos permitirán seguir creciendo con nuestro modelo de trabajo.

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We invite all in our community of professionals and people who use the Enneagram to participate in our first virtual conference, which will take place October 11-12, 2020.
Unity is the purpose of this conference: to recognize each focus, school, and application that uses our Enneagram system and has contributed to a better quality of life.
In this conference, we will concentrate on different perspectives that unite learning and reflection to help us grow in our line of work.
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IEA Regional Conference:  Enneagram as a Verb

Hosted by: IEA Great Lakes Chapter in partnership with First Analysis Institute of Integrative Studies & in collaboration with IEA Minnesota Chapter

Location: Virtual Conference (Online)

25 July 2020

Embracing the Enneagram as a Verb means moving from memes and stereotypes to actionable transformation. Inner work is about encouraging curiosity and understanding, kindness and compassion, and sensation and right action. Here and now is our eternal opportunity to move forward, embrace healing, and honor all people everywhere, including ourselves.

Join us online on July 25th as we come together to listen without judgment and open ourselves to wholeness and love with our minds, hearts, and bodies. All are welcome!

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IEA Regional Conference:  Consciousness…Wisdom…Healing

Hosted by IEA Egypt

Location: Cairo, Egypt

7-9 February 2020 – Conference

6 February 2020 – Pre-Conference Day

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IEA Regional Conference:  Together We Get the Difference

Hosted by IEA Affiliates: Sweden, Norway & Denmark

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

4-6 September 2020 – Conference

3 September 2020 – Pre-Conference Day

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