Professional Member Spotlight Benefit

In February 2018, we (the IEA) expanded our Professional Member EBlast Benefit to maximize the impact of our members’ events and messages. The goal is to give greater exposure to our Professional Members’ offerings by promoting them via email not once but four times in a month and by sharing the event for three months on the IEA website, LinkedIn and Facebook. The price remains $250. Here are the details:


On the first Tuesday of each month, we will send a single Spotlight Email with up to six offers or messages on behalf of Professional Members. Chapters and Affiliates may also promote events featuring Professional Members. Each offer will link to a landing page on the IEA website where email recipients can learn more about the offer. Offers (or messages) will still be subject to review and approval of the IEA Board President.

These same offers will be promoted with a single sentence in a ‘callout box’ in three weekly emails sent on each of the remaining Tuesdays in the month. Links to the respective landing pages on the website will be included.

Communications will clearly state that these events are not endorsed or sponsored by the IEA but are being promoted on behalf of Professional Members who have purchased participation in the program.

Benefit: Four times the exposure of each members’ message / event to the IEA email subscriber list because offers will appear weekly rather than just in a single email.


The landing pages on the IEA website will remain live for three months after the initial Spotlight email campaign is sent. For example, if a Professional Member is part of the February 2018 Spotlight, their offer(s) will be featured throughout the month in each Tuesday email campaign PLUS their landing page will remain live on the IEA website for February, March and April.

View a sample IEA website landing page showing a single message/promotion »

View a sample IEA website landing page showing a multiple message/promotion »

We will actively promote these pages for the next 3 months on the IEA website in promotional spaces. Participating Professional Members are welcome to link to their landing pages which will highlight their IEA Professional standing.

Benefit: Persistent, search-friendly online promotion of Professional Member offerings. Strong co-branding with the IEA affirms professional status.


We will also promote these offers and messages in IEA social channels – Facebook and LinkedIn. Each Professional Member’s offer will be featured in at least one social post. We encourage you to comment on these posts, inviting people to join you for training or asking for response to your message.

Benefit: Wider reach to the engaged Enneagram community where potential attendees are found.


Any IEA Professional Member in good standing may provide an offer related to their individual professional services or professional services provided by a business with which they are associated as long as the service is centered around the Enneagram.

Professional Members may also use this opportunity to solicit assistance or feedback from the Enneagram Community in support of activities or projects related to the Enneagram or allied disciplines. Final approval of all messages are at the discretion of the IEA Board President or a designated member of the marketing communications committee.

A minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 offers or messages from Professional Members (or Chapters or Affiliates) will be shared in the First Tuesday Spotlight email with subsequent promotional mentions in the weekly emails for the month purchased. Participation is first-come, first-served so please review the calendar below to determine when you will need to provide your materials.

Payment is due upon provision of your materials. The IEA member services team will advise on payment methods including online payment by credit card.

Deadlines for Participation
These are the dates for the first Tuesday Spotlight email campaigns (blue column) accompanied by the dates by which you will need to provide the copy / materials for your listing (orange column):


Use the Rule of Three to Focus Attention
Consider keeping multiple offerings to a maximum of three per campaign. There’s only so much a person can take in. Your capabilities and services will be more memorable if you consistently promote three things, for example: Training, Coaching, Merchandise. One item per offering is optimal and you can always provide a link on your IEA page to ‘View Additional Training’ at your website.

Maximize the Power of Co-Branding
Share the link for your IEA website landing page during its 3-month run on LinkedIn (where many HR professionals gather) and Facebook. Linking to the IEA website is a ‘co-branding’ opportunity to reinforce the professional nature of your work as an Professional Member of the Association.

Use High Quality Photos and Graphics
People photography (with permission from participants) is always a much stronger performer than illustrations. If you have ability to provide a photo of yourself, particularly in a working situation with others, that is a strong addition to your message.

You don’t need to provide a lot of graphics or photos unless you feel they help to tell the story. One powerful photo for each ‘offer’ and a high-quality version of your logo should be all we need to create an excellent page for you.

Accepted File Types:
For photos, please provide a high-quality .jpg photo at least 1600 pixels wide. We may post larger format versions of your photo in the IEA website to help promote your offering so bigger is better but keep the file size to 5 MB or less. Square or horizontal photos fit most readily in the areas where we use photos but vertical is acceptable if that’s what you can provide.

For graphics, please provide a vector format (something that will stretch without losing quality) whenever possible. Vector format graphic file formats are: .png and .eps. If you only have .jpg, .gif, .tiff, send them – just be sure to send us the biggest you have. Upsizing a small, fixed-size graphic leads to fuzzy results.

Copy Provision:
Please be sure to provide the complete URL/link to any pages where you would like us to link your copy to your website or other location.

We will provide minor editorial services such as catching typos and making minor grammatical fixes. You will have opportunity to preview your IEA landing page prior to the campaign start. Your prompt review will be appreciated.