Spotlight: Flemming Christensen

Flemming Christensen presents


During difficult times, it is essential that we are able to keep our good relations and can be supportive of each other. When we find ourselves under pressure we are not showing up as our best, and our behavior will impact our close relationships. On the other hand, when we stand together and tackle the difficult situation together, we grow strong as a team and as an individual.

This book is for anyone seeking a deeper insight into why our relationships, both at work and in private, will face challenges and how to overcome them. It is a complete guide on the inner psychological dynamics between the types of the Enneagrammet combined with the three Instincts and you will build a deeper insight in both your own type and the type of your partner, child, colleague and others who are close to you.

The book provides an intensive review of the way that the Enneagram types become a part of our personalities, and you are introduced to completely new approaches to the Enneagram not previously found in the literature.

Indeed, much of THE ENNEAGRAM IN RELATIONSHIPS is groundbreaking, mapping out for the first time the dynamics within the Enneagram relationships. We are guided through the ways in which the nine motivation profiles make demands of close relationships, and we are shown how the internal dynamics of the 45 possible relationship combinations of the nine profiles can either inspire or irritate the partners.

From the foreword by Russ Hudson: “Flemming Christensen focuses on the likely issues and possibilities that can arise in any given relationship. In doing so, Flemming has created a clear and concise manual for navigating the challenges of interpersonal dynamics. I suspect that once you have grasped the ideas he is presenting here, you will return to this book many times for guidance in your dealings with other human beings. So take your time, and explore the rich world of relationship with the powerful lens of the Enneagram.”