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Spotlight: Russ Hudson INNER WORK Retreat in Egypt


4-Day Retreat: Working with the Heart Center.
February 11th-14th 2020
From 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
Cairo, Egypt

The aim of this INNER WORK Retreat is to encounter and work through our remaining, deep, psycho-spiritual blockages, and we will focus on the particular gifts and challenges of developing more Presence in the Heart Centre.

This will facilitate work on areas such as self-images, narcissism, defence mechanisms, the tendency to have a heart which is either too closed or that is hyper-sensitive, and how events in our personal history have continued to affect us.

Regardless of our dominant Enneagram type, these issues, conflicts, and blockages play themselves out in our daily lives.

This Retreat  includes experiential exercises, Gurdjieff movement, spiritual teachings, meditations, music, journaling, and small group work. We will also explore the Fourth Way teachings and practice of Gurdjieff in the lineage of his primary student, JG Bennett. Gurdjieff Movements are a practice that enables us to develop a balanced presence in our body, heart, and mind.

These sacred dances challenge us to stretch and focus attention and reveal subtle qualities and capacities already extant in being.

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