Spotlight: Russ Hudson

Living as Love with the Guidance of the Enneagram:
Embodying Love for Personal Awakening
and GlobalTransformation

~A new offering for our world in these amazing and challenging times~
created with
Russ Hudson, Jessica Dibb, Robert Holden

Online course through video or audio, and transcripts
9-week journey begins March 12th
egistration open until March 26th

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In 2020 there may be nothing more important for humanity than awakening and integrating the power of love for transformation in our world.  We often search for Love as if it is outside of ourselves. This is a beginning – the journey “towards” love. Eventually we see that Love as a guide in all our relationships is a better choice than emotional reactivity.  Now we are on the journey “with” Love. There is a next stage. Those who have developed a way of being that is living from Love in every moment have been the most inspiring for humanity throughout history. This is the journey “as” Love.  It is a quantum shift in consciousness. It is paradigm shifting when infused into action and into our world.

Love as the basis for Global Citizenry and Action:

We are at a time when as many people as possible need to make this quantum shift in consciousness and contribute its wisdom to our collective life.  This course is a call to Action through Love. Aware of the unprecedented urgency of the existential crisis humanity faces, we are offering a 19-week on-line course, and on the true nature and transformational power of love as each of us faces the challenges and promises of our collective life.  Our journey will transform all types of our relationships and roles, and also go beyond the idea of love as a relationship. We will use the wisdom of the Enneagram, our own experiences, and decades of work with others, to create a dynamic practicum for risking being Love in every situation. We will use practices and insights to inspire us to open to Love as the heart of healing, transformation, and creativity…and also the heart of activism and social and political transformation.  

 Path and Practice:

The ancient multi-dimensional wisdom of the Enneagram will guide us into a real and clear search about what love is and what it is not.  With an objective non-shaming orientation, The Enneagram unmasks nine ways each of us distort love unconsciously in response to living from a fear-driven ego of separation.  In a liberating and inspiring way, it shows us the way out of our delusions and the suffering of isolation into relaxed abundant creative and authentic love, intimacy, and connection with ourselves and ALL.  We will draw upon inspiration and practices from the great wisdom traditions, the saints and mystics, classic literature, philosophers and poets, leaders and activists, and theatre, music, and cinema. We will explore together, ourselves included, what the power of embodied love and relatedness can do in our lives and for LIFE ON EARTH.

The titles of the modules are:

Module 1: Being Love in the 21st Century — Wisdom, Power & Creativity 

Module 2: Meeting Your “Basic Fear” With Love 

Module 3: Object Relations, the Enneagram, and Love 

Module 4: A Soul-Centered Approach to Self-Love 

Module 5: Trauma and the Loss of Presence and Connection, Part 1

Module 6: Trauma and the Enneagram, Part 2 

Module 7: Recognition, Repair & Resilience: An Experiential Journey From Wounds to Wholeness 

Module 8: Forgiveness as a Spiritual Path 

Module 9: Anatomy of Relationship Roles 

Module 10: Unveiling the Dynamism of Real Love, Part 1 

Module 11: Unveiling the Dynamism of Real Love, Part 2 

Module 12: From the Core Wound to the Gifts of Each Type 

Module 13: Cultivating Authentic Love in Your Relationships — The 9 Facets of True Love 

Module 14: Love, Sensuality, Sexuality & Soul: A Doorway to Wholeness 

Module 15: Love, Purpose & Vocation 

Module 16: Total Contact With the Divine: The 9 Expressions of God 

Module 17: Love, the New Leadership Model 

Module 18: Evolutionary Love in the 21st Century: Actualizing Your Personal Contribution to the Collective

Module 19: Giving, Receiving & Being Love as a Way of Life

To register click here
For a one-hour introduction click here