Spotlight: The Power of Inquiry: Working through Your Enneatype2019-08-30T13:52:07-05:00

Spotlight: The Power of Inquiry: Working through Your Enneatype

The Power of Inquiry

Working through Your Enneatype

Saturday, September 21st @ 1pm pst.
90 min Free Webinar

After the overwhelming response from Sandra Maitri’s keynote presentation: The Power of Inquiry at a recent IEA 2018 Conference in San Jose, CA, we are thrilled to announce a webinar to continue this dynamic conversation. Sandra will be joined by Belinda Gore, Ph.D., Jan Shegda, MA, PCC, and Anne Geary.

During our free 90 minute online conversation, you will:

  • Discover how Sandra met Hammel Ali and how the Diamond Approach evolved during the early days in Berkley, CA
  • How the practice of inquiry leads to your own inner truth
  • Learn about upcoming opportunities for the IEA community, friends and family

About the Enneagram Diamond Approach

The Diamond Approach to inner realization is a contemporary spiritual teaching that considers the whole person. It is a path of self realization in which each individual learns to experience his/her true nature through a precise process of inquiry into one’s own personal process and experience.

“What’s needed then is an immersion experience—allowing whatever that experience is and becoming involved in it as completely as possible, in order to understand it. Notice in your experience of understanding yourself, part of the process is this immersion, is an involvement with the experience, whether it is a belief, an emotion, a contraction in the body, a sense of frustration, a sense of attachment to something—whatever is there is experienced completely, without trying to get rid of it. When there is a complete involvement with what is there in you, then after a while an understanding arises. Without involvement, the understanding will not arise.”

― Sandra Maitri, The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues