Join the global Enneagram community in San Francisco, California, this July for IEA’s Global Conference: Unite & Ignite!  The conference, to be held July 21-23,  will be hosted at the beautiful Parc 55 Hotel, centrally located to all that San Francisco has to offer as a vibrant and diverse city.  The Pre-Conference on July 20 is sure to set the stage for a brilliant and engaging gathering for all!

If you cannot join us in person, make plans to attend the virtual conference with its own special presentations and community-building activities. IEA will live-stream the keynote and endnote presentations in addition to select presentations. 

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The Enneagram of Unity-Striving for Higher Ground
by Dr. Deborah Egerton

In our opening Keynote, Deborah Egerton introduces the concept of employing the Enneagram as the ultimate map to guide and unite us in a world divided. We will look at the gifts of each of the 9 points of the Enneagram represented as defenders, healers and bridge builders, as we discover the unique unifier at each point. When discovered and embraced each gift unites us and enhances our capacity to love, support and move together toward higher ground, as intended, as one.

About Dr. Deborah Threadgill Egerton

Dr. Deborah Threadgill Egerton is an internationally respected psychotherapist, IEA Accredited Professional with Distinction, a certified Enneagram teacher, best selling author, and IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism) consultant, coach, and spiritual teacher. “Dr. E,” as she is affectionately referred to, is the founder and president of Trinity Transition Consultants, LLC. She works with individuals and organizations to help them release false historical narratives and to open their minds and hearts to a more compassionate and connected approach to life.

For more than two decades, the focus of her work has been teaching the Enneagram as a valuable mechanism for social justice and anti-racism and using it as a blueprint to reconnect people across all dimensions of diversity. Her visionary approach to IDEA work expands the traditional scope of the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) method and allows for the honoring of every individual with respect to all dimensions of their unique self-identification. Dr. Egerton’s Enneagram and Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Racism Certification Program is a highly regarded IEA Accredited Training Program. She is a current board member of the International Enneagram Association and works with the Enneagram community to cultivate a more inclusive environment. Her greatest passion is leading others to understand their own humanity and to acknowledge and respect the humanity in us all.

Dr. Egerton’s new book, Know Justice Know Peace: A Transformative Journey of Social Justice, Anti-Racism, and Healing through the Power of the Enneagram was featured on Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in New Releases. Know Justice Know Peace is a first-of-its-kind guide to social justice through the lens of the Enneagram—a popular personality typing system—that shows how people can use their particular type to work on issues such as anti-racism and homophobia.

Know Justice Know Peace is a unique guide told through the lens of the Enneagram that provides readers with a pathway to activating their authentic self so that they may participate in the healing of all of humanity. Dr. Egerton will help the reader discover the indisputable fact of how deeply and intricately we are all connected.

To learn more about Dr. Egerton and her powerful work visit DEBORAHEGERTON.COM | TRINITYTRANSITION.COM

Endnote by Chichi Agorom

Chichi Agorom, author of the 2022 book The Enneagram of Black Liberation: Return to Who You Are Beneath the Armor You Carry, will wrap up our conference and theme with an Endnote presentation, Ignite. As a call to action to ignite our minds, hearts, bodies and collective consciousness, she will challenge us to engage with the world through actions large and small to contribute to the betterment of our planet and its inhabitants, using the Enneagram as a tool for the liberation of all people.

Session 1: Unite in Movement and Ignite your Inner Light
by Marion Gilbert

When we become aware that all our experiences and impressions are produced in the body we begin to understand that the body as a place of observation and study is preeminent.

Without the body, we cannot have a conversation, a philosophy, a belief, an insight, an emotion, nor a sensation, or movement.
To believe that the body is without a higher state of intelligence is also something to contemplate on and observe the received states of consciousness as an arising of distinctly different experiences in the body from the more commonly experienced states.
Exploring the wisdom of the body, and what the obstacles are to receive knowing, feeling, and sensing from a somatic perspective is the invitation for this day.
We will highlight a Three Centered experience by igniting the somatic lens of perception consciously, informing the emotional and mental lens of perception.

We will practice turning our attention inward and play with inner and outer reality through:

  • Inner Witnessing
  • Following the Breath
  • Allowing Reality in the Present Moment to lead us into Movement and Stillness
  • Meeting ourselves and others through play, curiosity, and seeking instincts
  • Experience the collective coherent field of all of us moving together

Join us, in experiencing the way we bring something to the reality we create as we touch into our essence and our conditioned Enneagram Type expression. We will demonstrate how movement and stillness can relax our automatic defensive contractions and take the wind out of the sails of the reactivity of our types. We can then be free to open and choose a conscious response to the inner and outer world we live in. This will allow us to have the possibility to unite and ignite our lights, so we can light each other’s fires. In this divided world we are in deep need of reconciliation. Let’s practice together what that feels like inside of ourselves and share it with each other.

Session 2: The Dances of Universal Peace
Sage Dames and Musicians

The Dances of Universal Peace are simple, meditative circle dances that weave sacred phrases from many spiritual traditions with movement in unison. These prayers for peace are done to unite our inner worlds and ignite transformation of the world that we share.

The Dances of Universal Peace circle leader Sage Dames (they/ them) was born in San Francisco, and lives here today as a parent, activist, artist, and musician. They have been leading the local Dances of Universal Peace circle for 8 years, with the guidance of Perry Wali Pike. Sage has been deeply inspired by Sufi teachers and community in South America, as well as earth-based pagan ritual here in the Bay Area. They enjoy the ‘cross pollination’ of spiritual practice, and seek to hold space that honors the lineage of each practice in its own right.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Scholarships Available

The IEA Scholarship program seeks to increase access to the 2023 Global Conference and support the creation of a diverse, inclusive, equitable and welcoming space for all to belong and participate. We have Scholarships available for registration for the in-person conference or the virtual conference (with or without the pre-conference day) and for the Discovery Track only either in-person or online. Please note: We will not be able to award scholarship funds for travel or accommodations to the in-person conference so consider what other resources you have or can access to cover those costs if you choose to apply for a scholarship to attend the in-person conference.

The deadline for applications for scholarships to the in-person conference is April 30th and the deadline for applications for scholarships to the virtual conference is May 31st.

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