Start an IEA EnneaGroup

IEA EnneaGroups are a no cost, low barrier way for IEA members to gather and connect!  The possibilities are endless … IEA Members can form new IEA EnneaGroups to connect with others who share the same Enneagram-related interests, professions, life experiences or desires for discussion and interaction.  The list of active IEA EnneaGroups is displayed on the dropdown Directory on the IEA’s website and online magazine IEA NinePoints so that you can easily find the IEA EnneaGroups you would like to join.  EnneaGroups set their own criteria for membership.  Many are open groups and you don’t have to be an IEA member to attend.

Each EnneaGroup has a facilitator who organizes the meetings, moderates the conversation and interacts with the IEA as needed.  The IEA intends for EnneaGroups to be a safe space for discussion and connection.  Facilitators must view a short training video and agree to abide by ~ and to ensure that the group members in their interactions abide by ~ the IEA EnneaGroup Guidelines and the IEA’s Ethical Guidelines.

If you would like to create and facilitate an IEA EnneaGroup, it’s easy to do:

  • Log in to your member account on IEA NinePoints
  • Under the “Create” tab at the top, select “Create an IEA EnneaGroup” from the drop-down menu
  • View the online facilitator training video
  • Fill out the online application with the name, description and other profile information about the group you would like to form,
  • Provide an email address or link for those interested in joining the group to use to contact you

The IEA staff and the EnneaGroup Coordinator from the IEA Board will review your application.  Once accepted, the EnneaGroup listing will appear on the Directory and information about it will be posted on the IEA’s social media platforms.

For a complete description see IEA EnneaGroup Program and Guidelines.