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How to Create Positive Change with the Enneagram: Different Dynamic Approaches
April 27, 2024
Video Recording – English & Spanish Videos

Master Enneagram teachers, Tom Condon and Jerry Wagner share their unique approaches and guide you through their fascinating models and methods of change using the Enneagram. Tom, skilled in Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Gestalt Therapy, and working with imagery, shares how applying these good techniques can resolve Enneagram-related issues, and unlock your strengths and talents. Jerry provides a modern psychological perspective on traditional Enneagram concepts, offering tools like Enneagram Assisted Therapy (EAT). EAT uses cognitive-emotional-behavioral model placing traditional Enneagram concepts into a modern psychological framework.

Unite & Ignite Your Organization Through the Enneagram
November 3, 2023
Video Recording with Spanish Translation

We brought together some of the brightest minds from the business world and Enneagram schools to delve into the art of unifying and energizing organizations through the Enneagram.  Presenters Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Mario Sikora and Maria Jose Munita, Lucille Greeff and Flemming Christensen will equip you with invaluable insights and strategies to enhance your effectiveness when working with businesses, teams and a variety of organizations.

Developmental Pathways – Science Meets the Enneagram
November 5, 2022
Video Recording – English Only

This special IEA workshop features speakers Drs. Dan Siegel, Denise Daniels, Laura Baker, and Jack Killen. They and the late Dr. David Daniels began exploring the Enneagram from the contemporary scientific perspective of interpersonal neurobiology over the past 18 years ago.  In this workshop, they will explore in a scientifically grounded way (and in plain English!) the roles the nine patterns play in shaping motivation to satisfy three primal needs in the unique context of each person’s early life. They also explore how the mostly “silent” and self-reinforcing processes of emotional energies and patterns of attention can turn a highly adaptive way of responding to life into a pattern of personality and how that pattern can sometimes become problematic.  Understanding the nature of these emotional energies and patterns of attention can be very helpful in learning to relax their grip on our attention and perceptions. This allows for greater openness and the capacity to hold a wider range of emotions, thoughts and memories with clarity and stability, integrating toward greater wholeness.

Deepening Your Enneagram Understanding Through an Exploration of the Instinctual Subtypes
April 4, 2020
Video Recording – English Only

IEA welcomed respected teachers, Bea Chestnut, Peter O’Hanrahan, Russ Hudson, Mario Sikora to an illuminating panel discussion on Instinctual Subtypes. Over the years, these and other teachers have offered a variety of perspectives and nuances in relation to this critical piece of the Enneagram of Personality tradition. While the teachers have some differences, they offer pieces of a puzzle which help us understand where our attention fixates.

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