Start an Affiliate or Chapter

IEA National Affiliates (around the world) and IEA Regional Chapters (in the US) operate as branches of the IEA. These organizations are democratic and open to all local Enneagram teachers, practitioners and enthusiasts, wishing to give voice and space to the Enneagram work that happens in that region of the globe. IEA Affiliates and Chapters work in cooperation with the IEA Board of Directors and are aligned with and committed to the IEA Vision and Mission. Affiliates and Chapters organize their geographic region in providing ongoing opportunities to learn and to apply the Enneagram.

Are you interested in starting an IEA Affiliate or Chapter in your area?

Your first step will be to talk with the Affiliate or Chapter Liaison on the IEA board about your interest. Contact the IEA office to be linked with the person who is currently filling that role.

Some things to consider:

  • You will need a board of 4-10 people. Consider others whom you already know in your area who might be interested in starting an Affiliate or Chapter with you.
  • We encourage you to organize an initial meeting in your area to find out who from the various Enneagram schools are interested in being part of the Affiliate or Chapter and who might be willing to serve on the initial board. IEA will send an eBlast to IEA members in your area to let them know you are exploring starting an Affiliate or Chapter and inviting them to your first meeting.
  • Affiliates must be created as a legal entity in their country by incorporating as a not-for-profit entity/corporation. (The IEA Global Board’s Affiliate Liaison will work with you on the specific requirements.)
  • A US Chapter must be created as a legal entity by incorporating within the appropriate State. Chapters operate under the global IEA’s 501(c)(3) group tax exempt status, meaning that local Chapters do not have to file with the IRS for non-profit status. (The IEA Board of Directors’ Chapter Liaison will work with you on the specific requirements and process.)
  • By forming an IEA Affiliate or Chapter, you become part of a global network of Affiliates and Chapters, sharing ideas and best practices to bring a vital Enneagram presence to your area.

Contact the IEA Office today to be put in touch with the Affiliate or Chapter Liaison!