What is the IEA Accreditation Program?

The Accreditation Program is one of the most significant ways that the IEA promotes excellence, experience and integrity in the teaching and professional use of the Enneagram.  The IEA began offering accreditation to teachers, professionals, training programs and schools in January 2009.  The program has since grown to become the premier indicator of depth and quality in training and experience of Enneagram professionals and programs across the various Enneagram lineages and traditions and in diverse applications worldwide.

IEA Accreditation serves as a mark of excellence.  It lets clients, students and others in the international Enneagram community know that a certain standard of quality and level of experience in understanding, teaching and using the Enneagram professionally has been achieved.  Click here for an Overview of the Accreditation Program and summary of the different requirements for each category of Accreditation.

All IEA Accredited Professionals, Training Programs and Enneagram Schools have agreed to abide by and share with their students the IEA’s Ethical Guidelines and Code of Ethics. Participation in the IEA’s Accreditation program reinforces to the public that the IEA is a self-regulating community that maintains a high level of standards for teaching and communication of the Enneagram system while supporting the proliferation of multiple perspectives and ways of using the Enneagram ethically and respectfully.

What are the benefits of being IEA Accredited?

  • You demonstrate that you have met a high international standard in your training and professional use of the Enneagram.
  • You indicate your commitment to ethical conduct in your teaching and professional use of the Enneagram.
  • You distinguish yourself and your programs from other non-accredited teachers, professionals and programs and can display proudly your dated IEA Accreditation logo in your marketing and program materials.
  • Your students receive more points toward their own accreditation by attending your trainings than those of non-accredited teachers and programs. Students may also earn points toward accreditation for online courses and workshops you teach (points are not given for online offerings by non-accredited teachers).
  • You are listed on the IEA website and searchable as an IEA Accredited Professional, IEA Accredited Professional With Distinction, IEA Accredited Training Program, or IEA Accredited Enneagram School.
  • You become part of a vibrant, growing, global learning community of recognized professionals.

What are the IEA Accreditation categories?

The IEA Accreditation Program consists of:

IEA Accredited Professional (AP)

Accredited Professionals are individuals with an advanced level of training in the Enneagram and a depth of professional Enneagram-related practical experience.  In order to qualify for accreditation, professionals must have received a minimum number of hours of Enneagram training over the course of at least three years, must have performed a minimum amount of Enneagram-related professional work such as teaching, coaching, consulting or other qualifying activities, also over the course of at least three years, and must be recommended for accreditation by two other IEA Accredited Professionals who have observed their work. See IEA Accredited Professional Requirements.

IEA Accredited Professional With Distinction (APD)

This category of accreditation was introduced in 2019 to recognize our most experienced and dedicated Accredited Professionals.  In order to be considered, an Accredited Professional must have been teaching or using the Enneagram professionally for at least 15 years, must generally have been accredited for at least 5 years and have provided significant contributions to the work of the IEA and/or the understanding and use of the Enneagram. Accredited Professionals with Distinction have also presented at the IEA’s Global or an IEA Affiliate-sponsored Regional conference at least twice, consistently adhered to the IEA’s Ethical Guidelines and Code of Ethics and been recommended by two of their peers. See IEA Accredited Professional With Distinction Requirements.

IEA Accredited Training Programs (ATP)

Accredited Training Programs are in-depth training programs that are designed and delivered from advanced knowledge of the Enneagram and provide either comprehensive Enneagram education or a specialized focus on a specific application or approach to the Enneagram.  Accredited Training Programs are taught by one or more Accredited Professionals and are sponsored by either an Accredited Professional or an Accredited Enneagram School. See IEA Accredited Training Program Requirements.

IEA Accredited Enneagram Schools (AES)

Accredited Enneagram Schools are organizations that regularly offer basic and advanced Enneagram trainings, including one or more Accredited Training Programs that provide a comprehensive Enneagram education or an in-depth education in using the Enneagram a particular field or application.  In order to qualify, an organization must have existed for at least two years and all Enneagram faculty must be Accredited Professionals. Accredited Enneagram Schools award a professional certification upon completion of the program, typically requiring fieldwork or assessment of mastery. See IEA Accredited Enneagram School Requirements.

IEA Accredited Enneagram Schools with Distinction (AESD)

Accredited Enneagram School with Distinction is a new category created in 2022. It is a very selective recognition that will only be awarded to Accredited Enneagram Schools and Certification programs that have achieved and maintained the highest level of excellence, integrity, longevity and positive impact in the overall Enneagram field and in the IEA community. may apply for this select level of recognition. Consistent adherence to the IEA’s ethical standards is required.

Applications must be supported by the testimonials of two graduates of its Certification program. This recognition requires the approval of 75% of the IEA Accreditation Committee and the IEA Board.

In order to qualify, an organization and its sponsoring and affiliated Accredited Professionals must have consistently adhered to the IEA’s Ethical Guidelines and Code of Ethics, be recommended by testimonials from two of its Certification program graduates and be approved by both the IEA Accreditation Committee and the IEA’s Board of Directors.  See IEA Accredited Enneagram School with Distinction Requirements.

IEA Accredited With Honor (AH)

Accredited With Honor is a life-time recognition honoring IEA Founders and certain others who contributed significantly to the formation and development of the IEA and to the Enneagram community in remarkable or extraordinary ways with new knowledge or influential theories.  This level of recognition is no longer awarded.

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