The Community

No matter where you are in the world, the Enneagram is there too. With National Affiliates around the globe and Regional Chapters in the United States, there may be many exciting programs happening near you. Check them out!

IEA National Affiliates

Around the world, IEA National Affiliates operate as branches of the IEA in their countries. These organizations are democratic and open to all local Enneagram teachers, practitioners and enthusiasts, wishing to give voice and space to the Enneagram work that happens in that region of the globe. IEA Affiliates work according to the IEA vision, mission and values bringing Global benefits to local teachers, practitioners, and Enneagram enthusiasts.

IEA Regional Chapters

Within the United States, IEA Regional Chapters serve local Enneagram communities by providing and supporting Enneagram events and learning opportunities. IEA Chapters work in cooperation with the global board and are aligned with and committed to the IEA’s vision, mission, and goals.

No National Affiliate or Regional Chapter near you? Consider starting one! The IEA Board is ready to work with you and provide an Affiliate or Chapter startup toolkit. Please contact the IEA office with any questions.