Important Clarification to Jan 26, 2021 Ethics Update

Our recent Ethics Update has caused some to speculate that the Accredited Professional referred to was Chris Heuertz.  This is not the case.  While we are committed to handling complaints with confidentiality to the greatest extent possible, the public allegations made against Chris last year that resulted in his departure from the IEA Board have created an unusual set of circumstances requiring clarification.

We have received no complaints about Chris as an Accredited Professional of the IEA or as a member of the IEA community.  He remains an IEA Professional Member and Accredited Professional in good standing.  The discussions in social media and the actions taken by the IEA Board as events unfolded last summer caused some others to come forward with complaints against other teachers.  Those complaints were handled as described in our email earlier this week.

The Board of Gravity Center, the organization Chris and his wife founded after leaving the organization where he and those making the allegations against him formerly worked, retained counsel to conduct an investigation.  That report may be found on the Gravity website here:

We apologize to Chris, his family, friends, colleagues and students for the additional pain and unwarranted attention our recent update caused.

Bart Wendell, Ethics Committee Chair

Carla Smith and Jan Shegda, Co-Presidents