The International Enneagram Association is thrilled to announce the upcoming celebration of World Enneagram Day, taking place on May 25th! This is an annual event, held on the last Saturday of May, and is dedicated to spreading awareness of the Enneagram worldwide and highlighting its profound impact on self-discovery and personal growth.

World Enneagram Day is an inclusive occasion, welcoming participation from the entire Enneagram community, regardless of lineage, tradition, language, culture, or age. We invite individuals, groups, and Enneagram schools from all corners of the globe to join us in commemorating this special day.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Host free Enneagram teaching events, workshops, forums, discussions, or social celebrations.
  • Share your passion for the Enneagram on social media platforms.
  • Reflect on ways to introduce the Enneagram to your community, no matter how small.

Check out this World Enneagram Day Toolkit for some inspiration!  Día Mundial del Eneagrama, أدوات تساعدك في يوم الإنياجرام العالمي

If you are hosting an event, we would love to support you by posting to our World Enneagram Day Events page on the IEA website.  Click Here to submit your event.

Let’s collectively pause and reflect on the significance of fostering awareness and presence in service of consciousness. As we elevate our collective consciousness, we recognize the inherent unity of being that binds us together.

Mark your calendars and join us in celebrating World Enneagram Day on May 25th. Together, let’s spread the transformative power of the Enneagram far and wide!

World Enneagram Day Events – May 25

Eneagrama Social: O Despertar é para todos – 18 de maio de 2024

Bem-vindos ao Dia Mundial do Eneagrama, um evento anual que reúne pessoas de todo o mundo para explorar e celebrar o poder transformador do Eneagrama em nossas vidas e comunidades. Este ano, nosso tema é “Eneagrama Social: O Despertar é para todos”, destacando como o Eneagrama pode nos ajudar a compreender melhor nós mesmos e os outros, promovendo um despertar para a conexão e compaixão. Estamos orgulhosos de anunciar nossa parceria com as IEAs Latinas (Argentina, Brasil, Colômbia, Espanha e Portugal), unindo esforços para levar esse conhecimento a um público mais amplo. Junte-se a nós neste dia especial de aprendizado e crescimento! Read More

VI Concurso Artístico Eneagramático

Concurso artístico eneagramático. Las BASES para PARTICIPAR son: El envío por email de una frase, poema, texto, dibujo, foto, imagen, idea, música… que represente la personalidad-ego-eneatipo. Envía algo que simbolice tu personalidad o momento actual de tu SER.
Read More

Enneagram Personal Discovery Package

In celebration of World Enneagram Day on May 25, Vista Global, founded by Mary Stelletello, is partnering with Jayson Morris, Founder of WITHINSIGHT Coaching, for a month-long exploration of the Enneagram. Read More

The Enneagram as a transformational, complex, dynamic modality – and most of all, PRACTICAL.

What makes the Enneagram not only interesting but also so transformational – and how to use it in the most PRACTICAL manner? Read More 

Inner Truth and the Enneagram

Robert explains the symbolic elements as an expert reader of symbols, hieroglyphs and sacred geometry. Ingrid brings a perennial mysticism and a practical, modern cognitive science and trauma-informed neuroaffective relational understanding of the very same theme. Read More

Transforming the Passions with Biodanza

The passions are like a dense fog that smothers our heart’s desires. In Biodanza – resolutely oriented towards what is enlivening – we follow the movement of desire, however small and hesitating it may be, through the nine points, and come to radiate – grounded, embodied – what life is giving us in every moment. Read More

Eneagrama “Descubre quién eres”

Es un programa de formación en Eneagrama, en el que imparto 15 horas de formación online por zoom en el que reciben los asistentes la parte académica y desarrollo de consciencia sobre los aspectos fundamentales del Eneagrama, así mismo, cuenta con contenido práctico en el cual a través de recursos de Coaching y ejercicios de Mindfulness incorporan el conocimiento del Eneagrama volviéndolo parte de su vida. Read More

Enneagramma e Movimento somatico nelle professioni di aiuto

Un incontro online rivolto a coach, counselor, terapeuti, medici, operatori sanitari, educatori e chiunque esercita una professione dedicata all’aiuto dell’altro. Vediamo come l’Enneagramma è uno strumento di liberazione piuttosto che di classificazione e come la neurobiologia e il movimento sono implicati nella trasformazione degli schemi interiori. Piuttosto per – sostenere il professionista nella presenza a se stesso e all’altro, nell’abilità di ascolto di se stesso e dell’altro – costruire reale connessione e incontro dell’altro dove davvero si trova – facilitare la gestione delle sfide umane come possibilità  Read More 

Celebrate and Learn: World Enneagram Day with 5aspects

Join us on World Enneagram Day for a transformative 5aspects Human Enneagram workshop! Free on May 25, 2024, 2:15 PM CEST / 3:15 PM TRT, in English and Turkish. Experience meditation, live demo, and Q&A. Register at [email protected]. #WorldEnneagramDay #5aspects #HealGrowCelebrate Read More

Teachings of the precursors of the Enneagram Gurdjieff, Ichazo, Naranjo

Masterclass in portuguese To remember the legacy that the great masters of the Enneagram left us for the understanding of this ancient symbol and its philosophy. Presented by Khristian Paterhan Condes/ Accredited Profissional IEA  Read More

Introduction to the Enneagram

You’re invited to a special virtual lunch session on May 28th to explore the world of the Enneagram! The Enneagram is a tool for understanding ourselves and others through nine distinct personality types. This session will introduce you to the basics of the Enneagram, helping you gain insights into your own personality and those around you, with a particular focus on leadership and team dynamics. Read More